VeCircOnda is the show of images and music on water produced by Wavents, which officially opened the Venice Carnival 2018 on the Rio di Cannaregio on Saturday 27 January.
VeCircOnda – is a title encompassing the “VE” that represents the profound link with the city of Venice, the “CIRCO” (circus) which is a clear reference to the chosen theme, and the “ONDA” (wave) that emphasizes the extraordinary nature of a production that originates from and lives on the waves.  The intention is to consecrate this extraordinary creative power that is capable of going not only beyond the limits of the Big Top, but also of time. To tell all this, we virtually put it in the hands of Federico Fellini, a great lover and enthusiast of the circus, whose films on many occasions narrate the story of this magical world. It was Fellini himself to come on stage at Cannaregio, a film set that composed piece by piece in front of the audience.  Lights …Camera … Action … the circus enters in town!
One after the other, the classic attractions of the circus of the early twentieth century came on the scene: the carousel of horses, the caravan of the soubrette, the acrobat, the clowns, exotic animals … a magic far away in time, but still vital and viral, that has filled the space and the looks of the public to culminate in the great final attraction: a tightrope walker that has crossed the canal at nine meters high.