Opening ceremony on December 13th 2017, at the rocky habitat of Gravina in Puglia (Bari): “Lùmina show in light”, the first light nativity scene with sacred narration.

Lùmina, in its Christmas version, is an original production dedicated to the story of the Sacrum where the lighting of the figures is the show itself. The age-old tradition of the nativity scene becomes a show thanks to the complementarity of different arts: the recited, the music, the scenography, the light design. The audience is accompanied to live an unprecedented experience through a narration that combines the story of the nativity with the history of the place where the event is set up.

Lùmina can be enriched by collateral activities that, thanks the use of the light, amplify the search for historical and cultural enhancement of the format.

Every corner of the city lights up in unison in a spectacular way:

  1. “VieSacreEVO”: the facades and rosettes of the churches are illuminated by a play of lights in a synchronized manner;
  2. “History comes to life”: historical buildings and monuments, like canvases, are painted with light turning into evanescent works of art. Multimedia artists embellish the architecture of monuments with touches of laser, light and video.
  3. “There are roads that made history”: the historical streets of the city, through the use of light and color, are transformed into a visual experience to be lived at the slow pace of a walk in art.