Closing Show of the White Night of the Museums of Modena “Nessun Dorma”, Mayy 19th 2018.

A hymn to water and life.
Water has such a deep and essential bond with man that it is the dominant element from the first moments in which life begins to take shape. Water is the symbol of life, of rebirth, of the ability to regenerate and regenerate.
A hymn to water and the most intimate essence of the city. Speaking of water means immersing oneself in a past time that leads us to the origins of Modena, origins whose signs re-emerge in streets that bear evocative names of rivers and canals. The water of the fountains and ponds of the Ducal Gardens remain today, a symbol of an era of incomparable splendor, the water of urban installations, recent or not, gushing in squares and streets, echoing the sweet sound of water still today.
Aqua Mater is a tribute to the city’s past, to an indissoluble bond with water and its poetry